Why we call ourselves Manna From On High Ministries

The name ‘Manna’ was taken from Exodus 16 when the Israelites were in the wilderness and God had to make provision for them. The word Manna interpreted is “what is this”. Each day the Israelites woke up, God left manna on the ground for them to eat. God gave them specific instructions NOT to take more than they needed for each day. God fed them daily for forty years until they reached the border of Canaan the land of promise. Manna is also defined as “any sudden or unexpected help, advantage, or aid to success”.
The church of today should be equipped and ready to be a sudden and unexpected help to those that are lost, hurting, and those seeking a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.
Manna From on High Ministries is just that.
When people come into our doors, whether it is in Pittsburgh, PA; Mt. Holly, NJ; Atlanta, GA; or Columbus, Ohio; they often ask, “What is this?” They experience love in operation, they feel Jesus Christ being manifested, and joy in feeling wanted. We want you to know that God is LOVE. The best way for you to know that is through us loving you! We are collectively together to aid you in your walk with Christ so that each day you will have a successful journey.